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Blach Communication
Blach Communication is a communication agency based in the heart of Aarhus.
Our purpose is to advise and help companies and brands communicate their story and vision across different media and platforms.
We can help you build and sustain your common thread, that creates synergy and consistency in your communication.
What is your challenge?​​​​​
360 º communication
Todays media landscape is fluid and complex, and it requires constant attention to be present and active on the right platforms.
We provide an overall professional consultancy that is based on a deep insight and many years of experience and knowledge about PR and communication.
Where do you want your organization to be present?

Core Story
The intriguing and fundamental core story about your organization is crucial when you want your messages to stand out.
How can we find the common thread in your communication?

PR and media contact
Media coverage is one of the most credible sources for most target groups, and PR and media contact should therefore be a naturally part of your communication.
We know the media and how to create valuable contacts.
Does your brand get the attention it deserves?



Social Media

Valuable and relevant content is crucial when you are to engage your target groups through social media.
Likes, followers and engagement provide measurable results.
We can help you deal with and prioritize the different social platforms.
How does your brand succeed on social media?

Blogs and influencers
Blogs is a media channel with many opportunities and many challenges.
Through many years of experience and a personal relation to trend-setting influencers, we will be able to you unfold your brand in the right universe.
Which bloggers or influencers will match your brand?


International PR
Make your entrance on the international media stage with our help to an adapted PR strategy. 
We have a great international network and cooperates with agencies across borders.
What markets do you want to communicate with?

We are based in the heart of Aarhus in the office NIVOU. 
The office environment at NIVOU is dynamic and exclusive, and the office consists of many smaller companies with inspirering people and different qualifications
Additionally, we love coffee and will always be ready to serve you a cup if you drop by.
Please don't hesitate to contact us and learn more.